Sunday, January 6, 2013

End of Fall Semester and Christmas

The fall semester of ended. Fortunately I did pretty well on all my finals and one day later we were in the van with Ryan Smithhart driving to Clovis.

We thoroughly enjoyed Christmas. It was a lot of fun. Since there were so many fun and memorable things, I'll put bullets for my favorite things:

  • Seeing mom's piano students' Christmas recital at the church
  • Visiting San Fran
    • Seeing the huge fish take at a store in fisherman's wharf
    • Walking around in rain gear
    • Getting to know Erik better
    • Eating crab cakes, Ghirardelli ice cream, and sourdough chowder bowl
    • Walking Pier 39 and seeing Alcatraz from the end of the pier
    • Driving down one of the curviest roads in the U.S., Lombard Street
  • Hanging out and talking in the hotel in South San Francisco
  • Last minute shopping 
  • Opening presents Christmas morning
  • Driving "Candy Cane Lane" and the Stout's neighborhood
  • Having dinner with Spencer and his fiancee' as well as David and Leah
  • Watching Les Misérables with the family and the Smithharts
  • Watching True Grit and other movies with the family
  • Flying helicopters (thanks Joel!)
  • Jumping in the icy pool
  • Jumping in the hot tub (thanks Dad!)
  • Seeing the star on the house
  • Caroling with the family
  • "Smith Family Iron Chef" - authentic Cuban food, homemade chicken tortilla soup, homemade pizza, tri-tip nachos, etc. 
  • Playing Hearts, even though admittedly Robin beat me twice - I'm still planning my revenge
  • Remembering the Top 10 in 2012
  • Celebrating Oliver's Birthday
George playing with "Angry Birds" present back in Provo

Gill making Bittner Sundaes

Oliver enjoying his 1st birthday

Homemade Pizza

Tepan Yucky

Clam Chowder bowls at Boudin


San Fran with the Bay Bridge in the distance

George was really interested in the Christmas recital

Ollie hanging out with Grandpa at the Christmas recital

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  1. Love it...thanks for detailing the memories!! Robin did get us.....darn it. We have one year of smack talk to look forward to :(