Friday, May 13, 2016

Maya Journey: The First Trimester

The first trimester: Endless Doc Appointments
In November 2015 we found out we were having a baby! With three little boys in our house it has been a dream of ours to have a baby girl join our rowdy crew.  We prayed after finding out we were pregnant again, that boy or girl, heavenly father would send us a baby that would bring balance to our family.  I thought specifically of Ollie, I imagined this next baby and him having a special bond.
Very early on in my pregnancy I developed some complications that posed a threat to the baby and starting from the first trimester I was having several ultrasounds and additional doctor visits, my doctor had even predicted that I was having multiples because my levels were high, I was so sick, and I had the worst pregnant brain I have ever experienced.  I would (on multiple occasions) be driving somewhere and forget where I was going!  I remember trying to repeat in my head "go pick up Ollie, go pick up Ollie" and I would still pass it and have to turn around!  The first ultrasound was for dating purposes and to identify the number of fetuses.  The ultrasound indicated one rascal baby as well as multiple cysts on my ovaries and a subchorionic hemorrhage that needed close monitoring.  Since we had so many ultrasounds early on we were able to see our baby developing and nicknamed her our little seahorse.  I remember thinking that if it is a girl I'm going to make a giant glitter seahorse painting for her room!


(See...sea horses:)

I was extremely sick the first trimester.  My face was grey and I felt like death.  I remember one vomit session very vividly because I had barely chewed up my food when I had to run to the bathroom and nearly choked on what felt like an entire un-cut sandwich coming up my throat.  Thankfully we had lots of support from our friends who supplied meals, cleaned our house, took Ollie to preschool, watched the boys during appointments and so on.  It really was a life saver.  On one occasion (of many) a friend came over to help clean and I felt so sick, it is kind of embarrassing having even a friend come over to clean up your family's filth.  My friend was on her hands and knees scrubbing our kitchen floor and then at one point she went into my room (which was naturally also a total disaster), I remember trying to stop her, again embarrassing.  In my mind I said something like "no don't worry about that, you have done so much thank you..." but I think I maybe just groaned at her and fell unconscious. I lay there like a slug, it was my only defense.
Today at the doctor's office I heard a woman saying she was 13 weeks along, and all I could think was you poor poor woman, I'm so glad I'm not you!
For the first time, out of all of my pregnancies I thought, ok this is the last time (especially if it is a girl).  After this everyone is here. I'm getting too old for this.


  1. Why can't we live closer to each other? I would just move in with you and leave my kids to figure out how much mom really does for them! (heehee)So glad you have good friends near who are helping you through this. Love you

    1. Come on over! :) Thankfully I am in the third trimester now and it's mainly a mental game at this yeah cmon over!!