Monday, September 5, 2016

Maya Journey: Celebrations!


3 Week Birthday

After we found out that Maya had Trisomy 18, even while I was pregnant we made a lot of opportunities to celebrate her.  Celebrating is sort of our thing.  There are always scraps of streamers stuck up in the corners of the walls at our house left over from some happy evening. So on Maya's 3 week birthday we thought she probably needed some cake and certainly we needed some pink and to see her in this ridiculously cute outfit.  Aunt Rara made Maya the beautiful hair bow and Maya is wearing a bib decorated as a cute dress (the closest I could find to a girly girl dress for such an occasion).

Naturally it was a princess party and the boys are dressed as knights or in Henry's case a transformer knight combo.

I made Maya a chocolate cake, her favorite, second only to lemonade and caramels (what I craved for a solid 9 months).

Aaaand the princesses.  I tell everyone I wear tiaras regularly to remind those guys I live with the reality of the situation.


It was a fun party. Ollie made the birthday wish for Maya to stand up, walk over to him and he would give her a big hug and a blanket. Maya gave gifts to her big brothers of jammies and S'mores stuffs.  As is typical of the Smith princesses, as soon as the party was over we immediately changed into comfy jammies of our own.  Being a princess is hard.

2 Month Birthday!!!

We really thought that having mere hours with Maya was us being hopeful and here we are celebrating Maya's 2 month birthday!!!  Our wonderful medical team from the hospital is in contact with us regularly just to see how we are all doing, especially Maya.  It is hard to express our gratitude for these amazing people, they have all done so much to support and love our crazy family through what started out as a very hard time.  They even put together this fantastic Little Mermaid birthday party for Maya!  We were so excited to see them all again and talk to everyone that I was distracted and didn't take nearly enough photos!

You can tell how much they love Maya. Many tears of gratitude were shed.

Those in attendance (not everyone made it into the pictures unfortunately) included our Maternal Fetal Medicine team, labor and delivery nurses, NICU doctors, pediatricians, and Cardiologist.  All of whom have become family and an elite group of people who know and will never forget our sweet Maya. 

 The party was catered with Mac n cheese, meatballs, chicken fingers, salad and this cake!
(pictured with Mindy who was the mastermind of this whole thing!)

We had so much fun! They even had a pinata for the boys and had printed out lots of pictures of our family for the boys to make their own scrap books. 

Maya wore a special outfit made by our lovely case worker Mindy, consisting of a tutu, cute onesie and matching head band.  The boys wore special t-shirts with Maya's footprints from the day she was born (put together by Mindy, Alison and our crafty nurses).

This is how we tried to thank them but it is hard to express how grateful we really are.

Let's not forget Party favors!!
We wanted to share with everyone this beautiful print

and an MG bracelet from Maya Grace, our Mighty Girl!!!

Since we are talking about our amazing medical team you should also know that Mindy went on vacation with her family to the Jersey shore and thought of us.  She bagged up sand, seas shells, bottled ocean water and recorded the waves of the ocean and over-nighted it to us so we could have a day at the beach with Maya!

 Naturally treats were included for those rascal boys!

If your jaw is not dropping about how amazing our medical team is...I have not said enough because they truly have been angels for our family these last several months and have been examples of the Savior, helped us feel the love from our Heavenly Father and have inspired me to do more good (to say the least).

To many more celebrations like these!
Until next time...

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