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Maya Journey: Small and Simple Things (funeral post 2)

Maya Journey: Small and Simple Things (Maya's funeral continued)

When it was my turn to speak I did what most people do at a funeral and that's have a little show & tell...wait...OK so you can probably tell by now that this was not your typical funeral, with all the Christmas hymns, and now this:)

I held up several items that show just how tiny our Mighty Girl really was.  Maya was our little treasure that we had mostly to ourselves and not everyone really saw how small her little mortal frame was until I held up some of her doll dresses, boots, and leggings. Many chuckled when they saw her leggings that were made from a single adult sock, especially when I told them how Henry loved those leggings and was desperate to fit into them.  It isn't the same but here are a few pics to try and show her size.

 Maya wearing doll clothes:)

Teeny tiny in her crib, also wearing doll clothes...awe

OK the pink one is a pantyliner, purple is a maxi pad and the white one was Maya's diaper!!!! (She eventually made it to NB size, like a champ.)

These be the leggings...this picture so does not do them justice.

I looooove this picture!  Maya is at her largest here at 5 lbs 8 oz! (Working on her physical therapy)
5 months old in new born clothing. Also I feel like it should be noted that George was 9 lbs 8 oz the day he was first born!

"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." (Alma 37:6)
 I have to tell you the context of this scripture is that one of the great things brought to pass is the confounding of the wise…I can’t tell you how many times this was the case with Maya.  Everything about her physical body was miraculous.
Maya, the owner of tiny shoes, wearer of doll clothes and diapers in a size we didn’t think possible, had a profound impact on our family.

Some lessons we have learned from Maya:

Maya taught us that there is reason to Hope, even when it seems that all is lost and the deck is completely stacked against you.

Maya taught us that one person can change the world.

Maya taught us not to wait for a special occasion and that every day is a celebration.

Maya taught us to feel. So often we try to keep our emotions at a certain level, right in the middle, nice and tame. Life with Maya wasn’t so. Life became intense and exquisite, exquisite joy and exquisite pain. And sometimes, like right now we feel both.

Maya taught us to slow down and appreciate life.  And that some things just… don’t… matter.
Maya taught us to Trust.  It is hard to learn that you can’t control things but it is also freeing.

Most certainly this sentiment is fitting for Maya:
"I am the daughter of a king who is not moved by the world for my God is with me and goes before me I do not fear because I am His"

Maya taught us that miracles happen and that God has a plan for each one of us.

With all these lessons, and I have to tell you, not easily learned, we were taught how to be strong like our Mighty Girl. and cozy. I wish I could crawl into this picture.

What was Maya’s life like?
It was very pink and cozy.  Maya is probably debating right now with people about what the world is like.  She may have some negative things to say about riding in the car but, as someone might try to convince her that the world is a harsh and tumultuous place, she might reply that everything was pink, soft, and fluffy, that you get 100 kisses on your head by your big brothers every day, milk whenever you want, you can stay up late with your mom and dad every night…EVERY night, (and more your mom), you get free mani-pedis, everyone wants to snuggle and tell you how precious and amazing you are, doctors and nurses stare at you in awe and every once in a while, someone will sneak you a taste of ice cream…shhh nobody tell the medical people here I just said that. (It was Mint chocolate chip….she liked it).

The boys are bonking heads all trying to kiss Maya at the same time.

Maya’s work is not done.  She has completed her mission with her physical body, and I suppose she may catch a nap before God puts her to work but if you know me, you know I picture angels differently.  Maya no doubt will wield a sword of righteousness conquering evil and inspiring us to do good. She will be working alongside her grandpa Greg, her great Nana, her great great grandma Grace, grandma and grandpa Richey, grandma and grandpa Skogerboe, great uncle Joe, Aunt Clara and Uncle Martin, grandma and grandpa Shade, her cousin Claire, and many other loved ones on the other side of the veil.  Pretty awesome right?

Ok, here is the hard part…
I wanted to say a few things to my baby girl:

We love you so much.  We want you to stay with us but we know that you have a mission to fulfill, I was sort of hoping your mission would be to wear tutus and play softball but I understand.

I’m proud of you.  You have done so much good in the short time you were here, and I don’t know that you will be able to truly see the impact you have had on so many people.  Your daddy blessed you that your life would be significant, and without enough words to truly express, it most certainly has been and will continue to be. 
I am going to miss holding my little five pound nugget.  I’m going to miss putting you in tiny little dresses and painting your nails.  I’m going to miss bouncing you and feeling you resting on my shoulder. I'm going to miss having arms only to snuggle you.  Please know that if you see us feeling sad, its OK to be sad, to feel sad, to cry, it is a sacred part of this life, it will continue to help us grow closer to the Savior and closer as a family. 

To borrow the words of Elder Holland:

"I testify of the holy Resurrection, that unspeakable cornerstone gift in the Atonement of the
LordJesus Christ! With the apostle Paul, I testify that that which was sown in corruption will one day be raised in incorruption and that which was sown in weakness will ultimately be raised in power. I bear witness of that day when loved ones whom we knew to have disabilities in
 mortality will stand before us glorified and grand, breathtakingly 
perfect in body and mind. 
What a thrilling moment that will be! 
I do not know whether we will be happier for ourselves that we have witnessed such a
miracle or happier for them that they are fully perfect and finally 'free at last.”

Oh how I look forward to that day, we love you Maya, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Following my words, Nate delivered his talk entitled "The Value of Broken Things"
(See next post)

Much love and more next time...

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