Sunday, August 5, 2012

Well look at us now...bloggers.  For the record, it was Nate who started this awesomeness.  I think after reading a couple of posts from Tyson's blog he thought to himself, " Hey if people want to read about adventures in Africa they will definitely want to read about Ohio and Utah"...hmmm.  Ohio and Utah aside, our lives are typically hilarious, messy, and loud, so why not write it down.
I was just commenting to Nate on the state of our apartment (specifically the mess) and his response was "We are only going to be WT for one more week" (for those of you who don't know what WT means, it is probably because you are not).  In April we packed up about 95% of our belongings and jammed them into a storage unit via the elders quorum and their various offspring.  During the move my mom looked at me in horror as if she was watching a terrible accident occur...I reassured her that Ikea doesn't sell anything nice enough to mourn.  My mother-in-law said that you can only move about 4 times with the elders quorum before you have to just throw everything away...hilarious.  Nevertheless guess who we will be calling when we are ready to unload the storage unit.  We packed the other 5% of our belongings into our neeeeew vaaan! (That was my game show host voice).
Im not even sure how many hours we spent driving.  First we went to Clovis for some much needed R & R (rest and rehabilitation) then it was on to The Ohio.  The road trip was actually pretty fun.  We were able to see a good portion of the old Route 66 and tried to make the necessary stops (bathroom, nursing, diaper changing, eating, sleeping) at interesting places of which included several "Radiator Springs" towns, the world's largest Teepee, museums, old farm town gas stations and the like.  We probably sang "Get your kicks on route 66" 1000 times and likewise said the phrase "What I would give to see this place in it's Hay Day."

After 5 days in the van we arrived in Akron Ohio!  20 minutes later our car was unpacked and our apartment fully decorated.

Move-in Day
Fully Furnished
For the first couple weeks we did not have anything but our bums to sit on.  Later we got a black leather recliner, kitchen table and chairs, a couple lamps, and camping chairs.  After that we felt like we were in hog heaven...light Aaand chairs...what more could we want?  A Bed!  As we are now nearing the last week of our internship experience it will be 3+ months sleeping on an airmattress, and it didn't start to get "comfortable" (and I use that term loosely) until the top half of our double-decker popped.  Mornings are the best, you either wake up laying flat on the ground or rolled almost on top of the other person- gravity has really brought Nate and I closer:)  We are thinking of having a ceremony where we shoot the thing.

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  1. You make me laugh. Love it and so excited you have joined the blogging world!