Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Blueberry

One of the fun things that comes with being pregnant is the weekly emails you get comparing the size of your growing fetus to a piece of fruit.
"Your baby is growing...and is about the size of a...you probably feel like..."
With George we missed a few weeks of emails somehow and when we looked at videos on youtube we were startled that our once "blueberry" sized baby had taken actual human form and was bouncing around with arms and legs and everything!  Well on George's first day of preschool I had a similar startling thought...  "Our blueberry has a backpack and a teacher!"
9:15 a.m. sharp George and I stood at the top of the stairwell taking pictures.  George is of course trying not to smile and holding a backpack that will itself probably only hold two pieces of paper.  The first day went well and George jumped right in without hesitation and was escorting his teacher to the bookshelf before I was even out the door.  My main concern was the language in the preschool contract outlining that your child must be "fully potty trained."  Reading those three words I pictured George doing his post potty naked victory lap...nudity, according to George, helps him to be extra "speedy."  Well we are now on day 4 and we haven't been kicked out yet!

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  1. Post potty naked victory lap...awesome! :) So glad he and Sky are in preschool together.