Saturday, October 20, 2012

Job Hunt Update

I thought this school year would be a little less stressful, what with a job offer from Goodyear in hand and all, however I decided to do some more looking and asked that Goodyear extend my acceptance date twice. In the last three weeks I have done a lot of company research, flown to San Jose to look at tech companies, applied to close to 15 jobs, interviewed at 7, and have walked away with 1 fly back from Kellogg. I really enjoy Kellogg products (please see the size of my stomach for proof), and I am hopeful at the prospect of working there for several reasons: they have locations in both the Midwest and the west coast so Gill and I could potentially have the opportunity to live close to family; next I've been told that their compensation is very competitive-- so maybe someday we'll be home owners and not renters only. Hooray!

Gill and I are the kind of people who really hate getting our hopes up for fear they'll be dashed to a million pieces . . . wait, I guess most people are like that . . . but I have to remind myself that anything could happen as I look on at the potential locations we could be 'stationed' at next and dream of maybe, just maybe upgrading to a  3 bedroom 1.5 bath home, somewhere larger than 900 sq ft. Ah, one can dream.

My deadline to get back to Goodyear on their offer is the end of the month (Halloween . . . oooooooooh) and my fly back to Kellogg is the 26th of this month so I'm cutting it close with this, but we have been praying that we can find the best opportunity for our family and so far these are two doors that remain open, and they're both great options, as far as I can tell.

I'll keep you all apprised as the situation unfolds. Love you - Nate

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