Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family Y Hikes

It is starting to set in that our stay in Provo will soon come to an end.  With the "Y" on the mountain so close to us Nate is even more prone to suggest hiking up that trail.  Homecoming night, Nate and George ventured up the mountain to see the lights on the Y (Ollie and I stayed home and watched The Proposal).  Nate may not ever clean the toilet but he is a fantastic dad.  Nate is so interested in creating memories with George and Ollie- in the world we live in today it seems a rare quality.  Here are a few pictures from their hike.  
Trail Head
Half way up (the golden hour)

Sitting on the lit up "Y" with George on Homecoming night 2012
After seeing these pictures Ollie and I were pretty jealous so we hiked the Y as a family two days later.

At the trail head with my boys!

We made it!
Not everyone can say they nursed a baby on the Y!

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